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    發布時間:2022-08-12 10:21:02

    60 年櫛風沐雨,仁愛濟世;60 年奮力拼搏,堅韌不拔。幾代總醫院人用他們的心血繪就了一幅壯麗的畫卷,創造了總醫院光榮而輝煌的發展歷程。



    60 years work with benevolence and love despite of hard circumstance,60 years with endurable strive,several generations stuff of Beijing Aerospace General Hospital has written its own history of loftyambitions, great efforts, and remarkable achievements.

    In more than half a century, guided by the hospital vision of “lead by innovation, progress by quality,prosper by education, and compete strong by talents”, BAGH took a way that harmoniously combinesscale, quality, and profits. It has been committed to enhancing medical treatment levels, cultivating talents and professionals, improving research and innovation capacity, and strengthening infrastructure construction. By doing so, BAGH has successfully achieved the goal of developing in a stable, rapid and balanced fashion. BAGH has now become a large general hospital dedicated to medical treatment,education and research, as well as disease prevention.

    As doctors, we value benevolence and perseverance. Predict future,we have full confidence. The staffs of BAGH will keep on going with enormous courage and strong gumption. Consistently upholding the hospital motto of “Caring, Excellence, Unity, and Devotion”, we recognize the sacred mission of “serving the Chinese aerospace industry and people’s health” as our ultimate goal. Besides, we should work together to pursue excellence, striving for becoming a three-grade A-level general hospital with outstanding competitiveness.


    Beijing Aerospace General Hospital